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Hot alternative babes posing for the cam

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

My Alternative GF is packed once more with various amateur honeys who are not just sexy and feisty but extra hot with their inked and pierced bodies. This picture set is carefully handpicked, only the best of these scene sluts who will be accompanying you today in whatever sleazy stuff you have in mind.

You got some dirty thoughts that’s why you’re here, going over these photos, looking for those nasty emo chicks who would get you excited and we won’t be a disappointment. We have scene babes who like displaying their juicy melons while in their sexy lingerie and some has the perfect round ass that you wanted to slap so hard until its cheeks turn red and warm. Emo girlfriends are almost always dressed differently from the rest of the chicks you admire as they have very different styles on what colors their nails should be, how dark their makeup is, the amount of tats and piercings you will find on their face and body, are some of the things you won’t find in a typical sexy babe. So all these differences make up for that bonus charisma and probably a wilder side of themselves get unleashed in the bedroom too.

These naughty ladies aren’t only kinky and sexy. Knowing they like a bit of pain here and there when they get their skin inked, you can expect these emo hotties to take that massive cock of yours inside their holes and ram it really hard and rough, and they will be enjoying that a lot. These horny naughty bitches are always up for something wild and more adventure during fuck sessions. Check out the full photo gallery here and visit for more!

Alternative chicks feeling pretty and kinky

Thursday, January 7th, 2016

Our sleazy amateur cuties are back here on My Alternative GF to give their fans the pleasure they seek. Yeah, we talk of you lot who are currently looking at these hot photos. We got all sorts of these scene lil bitches ready to display their fine assets. And while showing their tattooed and pierced bodies, they wanted to tease you too by flashing their fine perky tits and smooth pussy while posing in selfpics.

But of course, these amateur cuties don’t always like taking photos while showing their skin because they are as hot as the ones who would go all the way and give everything they got for pervy peeps like yourself. Every single babe in this collection are sure to ignite that fire inside your pants. These are kinky cocktease who makes any man or woman want to do some nasty stuff to themselves or with a partner. You like them hot and naughty with all those wild colors on their locks, dark painted nails, and sexy piercings in any part of their body or face so this is how they wanted to show themselves as you do your dirty deeds wherever you may be.

You’d imagine yourself enjoying a lip-lock with a tongue-pierced hottie or nibbling on that pierced erect nips. It makes your dick grow bigger and harder while looking at the full photo set here. If these chicks can take the pain of getting inked and pierced, you are sure that they can take your massive cock inside their holes without complaining. Pretty sure these bitches won’t mind and would actually take pleasure from a bit of pain. Watch out for more wild scene honeys here on

A Bunch Of Sexy And Nasty Inked Emo Girfriends Camwhoring

Monday, November 12th, 2012

If you’re into goth, rocker, punk and tattooed chicks with huge boobs then this is just the right kind of fix that you will ever need especially if you’re addicted to this kind of chicks. See fresh new faces and sizzling scene chicks sharing their pictures in this burning hot photo collection. This episode is all about these gorgeous inked honeys who wanted to expose themselves as the emo or punk or rocker chick that they are. And since they have what it takes to become one, they fit this page perfectly. There is no doubt that these amateur hotties will catch a lot of our attention like what it is doing now.

Most of the chicks featured on this week’s edition used their mobile phone cams to take smutty snapshots of themselves while in their underwears, half nude as well as completely in the bare! All of them have their smartphones linked to their social media accounts… large mistake! Now they all get exposed as these nymphos raunchy photos get hacked! You have to love amateur chicks like these emo gfs, they stay in characted even while they self shoot in the bare!

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Hot And Kinky Amateur Emo Gfs Exposed As The Slutty Bitches On Leaked Naked Pictures

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Are you ready for this week’s new amateur gf skankiness? This week’s photo set features a smoking hot photo gallery showcasing a bunch of hot and sensuous amateur emo girlfriends who are just to naughty they just can’t fight the urge to take nude snapshots of themselves! Feast on these flaming wild images and enjoy jacking off to these gorgeous honeys, some are skinny while some have curvy curves… but all of them are lewd emo nymphos, punk rock girlfriends and scene bitches who loves to bare it all on their mobile phone’s cameras and digital cams! Most of the sluts featured on this week’s edition used their mobile phone cams to take raunchy photographs of themselves while in their underwears, half bare as well as completely in the bare! All of them have their smartphones linked to their social media accounts… mammoth mistake! Now they all get exposed as these whores wild snapshots get hacked! You have to love amateur chicks like these emo gfs, they stay in characted even while they self shoot in the bare! I mean, just look at their photos, acting like wild rock chicks with their tongues out, their faces wild and their fingers rocking up in the air! Some have sensuous tattoos, others have sensual body piercings and a couple have of these bitches have both! Busty or tiny titted, shaved or hairy, the emo sluts come in various shapes and sizes but all of them are real life cam whoring sluts!

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Beautiful And Sultry Goth Hottie With Tattoos Get Extra Sleazy On These Pics

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Wild And Raunchy Babe Teases The Cams

Get your weekly fix of alternative gf content with this week’s edition of! If you fancy goth babes in their teens then these homemade photographs of a sultry goth gf is just perfect for you. The sultry and primicous redhead asked her boyfriend to take snaps of her while she’s wearing a set of sexy laced up lingerie just to see how long the bloke can control himself before charging straight at her. Now that’s freaky and sensuous! I must admit, we have to give this slut’s boyfriend some creeds, the dude really had a lot of strength control his desires! Just check out this redhead goth chick on these user-submitted snapshots, her sleazy poses and that black lingerie with matching garters and stockings are a perfect combo!

Hot Sexy Tattooed Sleazy Amateur BabeSeductive Tattoed Amateur Whore Shows Off Her Breathtaking Curves

But there’s more! The sensuous goth hottie decided to make her bf suffer more by getting rear end nude right on front of the cam toting dude. She seductively flaunted those large natural rack crowned with equally huge pinkish hard nipples as well as pose her appetizing nude buns to the cam! The goth hottie has this giant asshole tattoos on her back, lining her alluring back down to her curvy hips and succulent ass! Personally, I love the photo of this sleazy goth chick while she makes her shaved pussy squirt and lick her own rack all at the same time! Did this goth gf made you creamy your pants? Well, there’s more goth chicks, emo babes, scene bitches, teen groupies, punk girlfriends with tattoos and piercings getting exposed on leaked or user-submitted private photos inside, all content were uploaded exclusive to this site!

Completely Nude And Big Boobed Emo GF Sucks Cock Like A Pro

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

inked rocker chick naked and sucking a cock

This week’s edition of My Alternative GF will surely make you aroused all week long! That’s how hardcore the featured amateur gf is! Enjoy these teaser video clips a super hot emo teener gf as she suck off her boyfriend’s wang while completely in the nude! These home made porno videos were hacked and the rocker babe sucking on a fat penis has no idea that thousands and thousands of dudes can jerk off to her wild sex video! She should be proud, because for an amateur, this blonde emo gf knows how to work up a dick and work up the cams! The teaser vids shows this backside bare scene nympho with a crazy blonde and pink hairdo while her knees are down on the floor and busily sucking off her boyfriend’s fat schlong!

tattooed rocker chick licking her bfs balls and cock

The homemade fuck videos give great views of this skanky slut’s sultry back which has this wicked full body tattoo that ends just above her ass crack! Her curves is just a sensual visual treat and her dick sucking skills can match any pro porn sluts of today. If you like to see more of this blonde emo girlfriend sucking and pounding like a pro, head over to My Alternative GF today! You can also get unlimited access to tons and tons of nude and hardcore photos and videos of 100% real life emo girls, scene sluts and teener groupies!

Punk rocker chicks

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

rocker chick posing with a purple do

hot punk babe shows off her tunnel ear piercing

wild chick displays her piercings

A whole new set of steamy punk babes for you today. My Alternative GF compiled this hot photo gallery of two kinky scene girlfriends showing off their hot funky punk selves. This is one of their favorite sets and they have a lot more to show but since they do have great taste of what pervy people like us want, these pictures go well with our throbbing cocks that need some serious emo shit loving. has got to be one of the hottest sites we all have seen, having all these amateur alternative honeys putting on a face that would most likely pass for some kind of a Halloween parade or a fetish club of a sort, it’s just priceless. These photos of sexy and wild amateur chicks being all different and wanted to stand out above the rest will surely make up for all your boring, typical days. We got various of photos of emo GFs who dress like a rock star or a gothic babe, some simply love the fact that they can take so much pain to gain the beauty that is a thousand and one piercings on their pretty faces and sexy bodies. Yes, am a bit exaggerated but these girlfriends surely know how what they are made off and where they fit best. Being those emo chicks have its perks and they get all kinds of attention as well since they are deliciously different, which gives us more wild fantasies to ponder on. Check out the full photo gallery here and enjoy.

Tattooed cocksucking emo slut

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

horny emo chick sucking a boner

sleazy chick licks a stiff cock

Our featured scene chick for today went all out for her spot here on My Alternative GF, in this burning hot video. She just got inked and she got her facial piercing as well. These are tokens from her fuck buddy right here, the lucky dude who got his dick licked and sucked by this tattooed bitch. This horny chick wanted so bad to be just like her pals, you know, be the sexy alternative bitches who roam their streets at night, looking mysterious and yummy in those hot eccentric clothes and she pulled it off nicely. I personally haven’t dated a punk or scene yet but of course I’ve had some steamy nights with some. One night stands are quite fun especially if you’ll be fucking an amateur and you have to teach them some tips and tricks to make the sessions a lot more exciting. But sometimes you just have to let them do what they only know because it’s kind of crazy fun when they do something unexpected and you’d feel like it’s your first time to fuck someone. Ha! Told you it’s a crazy thought. Anyway, wild Cindy right here has been visitng for quite sometime now that’s why she got the full courage to share this video with us. She obviously got high energy giving a hot blowjob and I bet you’d agree with me on that. Watch the full video clip right here and come back for more wild sexy alternative babes soon.

Scene chicks camwhoring

Monday, November 1st, 2010

topless punk chick got her nose pierced

kinky scene babe cupping her breasts emo cutie selfshooting in her bathroom

Can’t get enough of our steamy hot chicks here in My Alternative GF, huh? Well, you’ve come at the right time since I’ve collected another photo set of these kinky teen scene sluts and they’re all waiting for you. All of them are fond of spending their free time camwhoring and if I were their teacher and have to give them their grades, I will rank ’em up high and give them a wet slurp while they spread those legs. Yes, of course, they wanted that. They’re obviously begging for the attention and that’s what we will give them. They may seem so naive in these pictures, posing like they don’t know what could happen when horny dudes like you and me look at their every slutty pose. They think that those piercings are harmless and those chunky dark makeup they smother on their pretty faces don’t have any extreme effect on us and our throbbing dongs. Though I think some of them are well aware of that they do cause some serious jizz explosion, they’re a bunch of amateur chicks who are so fucking good in pretending to be those hot and wild alternative chicks we see on TV. Fortunately, most of our girls here would do so well exposing their emo or punk selves that you can actually think of casting them in some cheap porn flick that would eventually sell like hotcakes. will show you more of these and you could catch the entire photo set right here. Visit us often and get a load of your favorite scene girlfriends.