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Selfpics of sexy scene babes

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

wild emo babe camwhoring

sexy GF selfshooting in front of the mirror

hot naked rocker honey posing for the cam

My Alternative GF compiled a new set of photos for us to enjoy. Most of the sexy emo chicks you’ll be seeing in this feature have nice big tits that you’ll surely drool over. The steamy hot amateur honeys in this edition are fond of taking photos of themselves while they pose looking like sex kittens ready to give you a scratch or two on the back. They look like they bite but maybe they do, eh? They’re just like any other horny GF out there who’d do anything to show off their skanky side to anyone on the net but difference is, they got some more stuff on them to show us pervs that they can offer more in bed. No, don’t get confused. I’m merely saying that scene babes do like all those props to make them look mysterious and shit and they insist that they can satisfy us more than any typical horny gal out there. They said that wearing dark makeup on, getting tattooed and pierced, and wearing all those too bright and colorful or often too dark and simply black clothing gives them extra power and kink when they are having sex. So, these avid fans of are sure to summon more fans than ever, with them being so fucking sexy and sultry in all these pictures. Wearing tight-fit tops that enhance their breasts, their curves, and one of them did pose in the nude, simply says that we are all welcome to pleasure ourselves while looking at them. Jump right here to view the entire picture gallery of these rocker babes and enjoy.

Rocker chick sucks on a woody

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

rocker GF giving a hot blowjob

horny honey teasing her boyfriend

sexy amateur punk girlfriend posing

Another flaming hot My Alternative GF edition for all our fans out there. You’ll enjoy this amateur rocker babe who likes giving hot BJs and having all these kinky encounters in her private photo gallery collections. She admits that she likes getting all sleazy with her boyfriend or whoever she gets to fuck with and then take as many pictures as possible to preserve the hot memories. She’s addicted to this type of vanity, seeing her face in her most sultry look or looking at her fine lips around a stiff cock makes her want to get stuffed in her love holes and just go gaga. This featured rocker bitch is no different from any ordinary cocksucking girlfriends out there. She knows what she wants when she finds a hot sexy guy she wants to makeout with and first on her list is to make them moan in pleasure while she sucks the juice out of their boners. Even scene babes, however fierce and untouchable they may seem, can still very well perform in the bedroom like any other plain Jane who’s hungry for cocks to feed on. But you can’t deny that having someone as wild and mysterious sucking on our dicks is a bonus since they got some skanky tricks up their sleeves at times and we will just find out what those are once we get to fuck with a hot sexy amateur alternatve bitch. Check out the rest of her pictures here, enjoy watching her suck that cock and do come back for more only here at

Hot amateur scene girlfriends selfshooting

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

emo cutie camwhoring

amateur scene chick posing

sexy alternative hottie

Ready for another steamy My Alternative GF edition? Well, we are always jampacked with all sorts of photos of scene babes that you will all enjoy. Get a load of our hot amateur GFs who wasted no time being their alternative hotness selves and spent hours being vain as they selfshoot, produce as many kinky pictures as possible, like nobody’s watching. All they got to do is to look like those hot porn stars on films that they watch often, those who like emphasizing their emo nature by holding on to at least one Hello Kitty item (something these kinky bitches got from the wild Japanese chicks) and I still can’t see the fucking point in this but it makes them look more mysterious in a way and yummy of course. Maybe, in a way, it’s like trying to look some girlies who’d like sucking on lollipops while they sit on the ground with their legs apart and short balloon skirts (the shortest it could go!). This photo gallery will show typical naughty wild and hot alternative honeys with dark makeups on, painted nails, and wear just about any outfit that they think are cool and different. Typical but never less hot and wanted by our fans. Check out the full picture collection here and enjoy all these sexy emo tease.

Hot emo honey camwhoring

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

sexy scene babe cups her breasts

alternative hottie selfshoots in front of the mirror

hot emo GF posing in her black underwear

It always amazes me when amateur babes do everything they can to come up with a full set of photos that will fill up all the spaces in a page of My Alternative GF just so we’d recognize their hotness instantly. These babes do their best to look really fucking sexy and delicious, you’ll wonder if there would be anyone out there stupid enough to ‘not notice’. Well, all I can say is that this particular amateur hottie didn’t even have to try so hard coz she’s this package of pure delight. which anyone would glady take home. Our scene GF for today will show you just how much she is worth every second of your time. She’s a hot fuck with this totally sexy body that you’d absolutely fantasize over for hours and hours. She’s got a perfect set of round tits and her nice toned belly just right for our tight steady grip for that shower sex that they all love. Hmmm… I can almost taste those juicy melons under the running water. This new picture gallery will surely be a hit to all who click on, searching for hot and sexy emo goodness. A fan of our site or just a new visitor will definitely love this amateur babe. Yes, I’d say you’re a fuckin’ loser if you let this one pass. So, anyway, visit the full photo collection right here to enjoy this sexy scene honey the way she wanted you to.

Punk rocker chicks

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

rocker chick posing with a purple do

hot punk babe shows off her tunnel ear piercing

wild chick displays her piercings

A whole new set of steamy punk babes for you today. My Alternative GF compiled this hot photo gallery of two kinky scene girlfriends showing off their hot funky punk selves. This is one of their favorite sets and they have a lot more to show but since they do have great taste of what pervy people like us want, these pictures go well with our throbbing cocks that need some serious emo shit loving. has got to be one of the hottest sites we all have seen, having all these amateur alternative honeys putting on a face that would most likely pass for some kind of a Halloween parade or a fetish club of a sort, it’s just priceless. These photos of sexy and wild amateur chicks being all different and wanted to stand out above the rest will surely make up for all your boring, typical days. We got various of photos of emo GFs who dress like a rock star or a gothic babe, some simply love the fact that they can take so much pain to gain the beauty that is a thousand and one piercings on their pretty faces and sexy bodies. Yes, am a bit exaggerated but these girlfriends surely know how what they are made off and where they fit best. Being those emo chicks have its perks and they get all kinds of attention as well since they are deliciously different, which gives us more wild fantasies to ponder on. Check out the full photo gallery here and enjoy.

Hot Goth chick flaunts her perky tits

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

hot Gothic chick posing in her black blouse and pearls

sexy amateur alternative babe shows her hot ass

emo hottie flaunts her pierced breasts

Yes, we’re back here in My Alternative GF bringing you once again an entire photo collection of yet another amateur alternative chick who will please you in ways you wanted. This is one hot gallery of a sexy Goth GF who’s got a thing for facial and body piercings and she’s quite proud of them that she has to show ‘em off in her pictures. But that’s not the only thing that she wanted to display of course because as you can see, these photos just gave you a sizzling sneak peek of what’s inside today’s hot feature. Our amateur honey right here is just one of the countless scene chicks out there who loves anything weird or mysterious and she’s not afraid to let it show. She almost always puts on her heavy makeup, dark clothes (mostly blacks and pussy reds), and some accessories that only emo chicks like her can bear. She’s glad that one of her Goth friends showed her the world of because she’s been glued to this site eversince she tried going over tons and tons of scene chicks in this part of the dark hot world of odd and sexy amateurs. In this photo collection, she proudly exposed her sexy body, her hot pierced lips and nipples, those nice perky tits, and her tight firm ass. Well, not really in this order and you will just have to find all of these right in this picture album. She’s into blacks and striped knee-high socks and pearls and anything Gothic (at least to her very own definition of the term). View all her picture right here and don’t forget to keep checking back for more hot and wild scene girlfriends.

Selfshooting emo honey

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

hot emo babe cups her breast

topless emo hottie

sexy naked emo girlfriend selfshooting in the bath tub

Another one of our favorites, an amateur alternative chick selfshooting. Yes, and you will only get the finest and the hottest here on Today’s feature is on this sizzling GF who is, like most sexy emo teens out there, simply likes to take photos of herself (and tons!). Well, we’ll be seeing just a couple of those really nice sexy pictures of hers but I assure you that you will love every piece of it. This amateur emo hottie likes to show off her breasts and, oh, don’t forget her new piercings and some fresh tats too. What’s an alternative chick without these, huh? Yeah, aside from her makeup which almost always make any scene chick look mysterious and dangerous, they got to have a few holes punched in their sexy bodies or face and get inked with whatever “meaningful” Chinese or Japanese character that they think would look cute on them. This new My Alternative GF find has been eyeing a spot here in out site and we’re sure glad she came across our photo gallery coz she kinda caught my fancy for this flavor of the week’s chosen one. Lame, right? But, yeah, that’s what I call some of the picks I have in my own personal list and I make sure to keep them right there coz I get horny most of the time and I need a bit of help getting off when I want it fast and hard and this sexy amateur emo babe will do anytime. Click here to view all of her hot pictures and do check back every now and then for more updates on our sexy and naughty alternative chicks.

Naked punk chick camwhoring in the tub

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

naked chick selfshoots in the bathroom

hot naked emo babe in the bath tub

sexy naked GF shows off her breasts

Welcome back to another steamy My Alternative GF edition and we feature this nice amateur scene babe today who likes, more than anything else, to selfshoot every chance she got. She’s an average hot teen with the knacks for being vain and everything in between, yes, that includes getting all naked and shooting photos of herself or at times get someone to do the photo works for her so she could freely pose about, any way she likes. See these photos right here? Well, obviously there’s no one else around to take the pictures for her but she did a great job getting all naughty, showing her fine perky juggs while she’s inside the bath tub, wet and slippery from all the suds, looking very delicious (I felt the need to add that coz she’s fucking yummy!). Who doesn’t want a wild horny tease like her who’d go naked for you (and for the rest of the perverted people of this planet) and act like she’s the only one you’d want to fuck around with, right? You’ve clicked coz you’ve probably fell into the trap of all our sleazy scene girlfriends here and you’re in luck coz we’re bringing you another hottie today. Yes, I am talking about this naked rocker babe in the bath tub, with her round tits sticking out from all the soap bubbles, making its presence known to all of us who wanted to take a better look. She’s quite generous showing her stuff and I can only wish she’d show us more next time coz am wondering how her pussy would look like getting all wet from the soapy water too. Hmmm… Check out all her pictures right here. Enjoy and be sure to come back for a whole lot more of slutty amateur alternative babes.

Hot emo babe shows her tits and shaven cunt

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

seductive emo babe posing in black lingerie

scene honey gets naked on bed

alternative bitch squeezes her round breasts

Another steamy My Alternative GF edition for all of our fans out there. We have collected this amateur scene chick’s photos to feature today and I know you will get horny and jerk off in no time. I haven’t seen much of these emo sluts who are into much facial piercing and you’re lucky to meet this sexy amateur babe if you yourself likes getting all those holes punched on your face. Just don’t get too close to each other as you might find yourselves locked together coz of those “nuts and bolts” on your noses and lips. Anyway, this punk chick knows what suits her and all these emo must-haves totally rock on her. She’s like one of ‘em hotties sitting on the floor, cross-legged, smoking a joint perhaps, while watching people pass by through her thick and dark makeup. All these emo babes like to appear as mysterious as possible and look pleasurably deadly most of the time. Well, all I can say is that she did a great job posing naked in these pictures. Now there will be more and more people who’d visit and wait for her next contribution and maybe hope for some hot fucking action with a wild dude or two. I’d like to give those perky tits a squeeze and fuck them ’til I cum on this chick’s face. I would want to lick and suck on those erect nipples as well, make her moan, while I finger-fuck her shaven pussy. Check out all the photos here and you make your own fantasies with this sexy emo hottie.

Cocksucking emo bitch

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

horny emo babe sucks on a dick

scene chick shows her tattoo and nice breasts

alternative bitch giving a nice hot blowjob

My Alternative GF got this steamy collection of photos from an amateur scene chick who loves to give a hot blowjob. She’s a tattooed bitch who fancies piercings as well and these things, she said, make her feel more like she “belongs” with her group of emo girlfriends. Well, she did pass as one emo honey that’s why we featured her today, to give justice to her sleaziness. We really don’t want to put it to waste, now, do we? So anyway, as you can see in these pictures, she’s one hell of a slut, really, sucking a cock like there’s no tomorrow. She could bite that one off if she ain’t careful. Ha! But this looks so much fun and I bet they both got so pleased with themselves that this ain’t the only thing that they did after this photo shoot. But before your mind could wander off elsewhere, be sure to enjoy all these hot photos first. Savor those nice pair of juggs, this chick’s hot pussy, and imagine that it’s your boner that she’s got inside that warm mouth of hers. Hmmm… now that’s more we like it, eh? Watch that mouth wrapped around this dude’s woody, she holds the shaft so tight that I think I could go off sooner that expected if she were to do this to me. I like it when a wild amateur cocksucking babe gets a bit rough handling my tool coz I get more pleasure that way. Click here to see the entire photo set of this emo fuck. Check back here at often for more fresh updates on horny amateur scene chicks who will drive you mad.