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Alternative hottie strips naked on cam

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Ever heard of some horny girlfriend bragging about how she managed to reach orgasm without touching herself? And by herself, I mean not just her cunt but really just lying there and going extremely horny and cumming hard. Our naughty My Alternative GF skank is one of those girls, fortunately. And now we’ll understand the secret behind that seemingly impossible feat.

In these amateur photos she shows off her incredible tight body, those juicy funbags, and shaved snatch are just to die for. She was experimenting on different scene looks and wanted to see which ones suit best her sexy body so she could come up with all these naughty pictures. Her friend who swears she’s straight even blurted that she finds this sleazy emo babe super hot that she could easily turn gay just to have a taste of her. While they were snapping these pics, she had the urge to grab those fine breasts and lick her friend’s erect nips.

It didn’t stop with that tho, naughty emo honey keeps teasing her pal as she went into the tub and worked her magic with the water. She says that’s how she cums without ever having to lay a finger on her pussy. All she has to do is keep the faucet running and on full blast so it would feel like someone’s stiff tongue flicking hard and fast on her clit. Pretty sure a lot of chicks viewing would dare try this now. ¬†And believe me, it works since I’ve seen it happen face to face. Bet this alternative babe came so hard that her pussy juice looked like creamy froth in the waters. Sounds delicious I know. Spill your own juice when you’re done looking at the rest of her photos here.

Two hot scene girlfriends going wild on cam

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

It’s double the fun for all our pervy My Alternative GF fans out there. This amateur photo gallery is filled with sizzling emo chicks showing off their kinky side either by themselves or with an equally hot and wild partner. We got both kinds of these bitches so you better stick around and have fun viewing all their pictures.

One of them is fond of doing a lot of skanky selfpics while at home. She finds pleasure showing off her naked body while teasing on cam. Her discovery of has given her that much energy to work on her nasty persona, which still surprises her boyfriend every now and then. She kept it a secret, looking at porn while he’s not around, just so he would be clueless as to what other naughty things she’s up to next.

The other scene babe we got today has photos taken by her lover who she fucks a lot before heading home after school. She says it’s her stress-reliever and we don’t doubt that a bit. She’s having fun riding her BF’s stiff cock on the bed, losing her mind as she reaches climax and pouring her warm juice on his balls. Bet she likes licking his cock dry and clean up after making him spray messy cum all over the place.

Did these two horny emo chicks made you hard yet? Go over here and enjoy the rest of their naughty pictures and make sure that throbbing cock gets its treat and reward it with more horny alternative chicks next time you visit this site. Invite your pals who crave for these hotties as well.

Horny scene girlfriend giving head

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

As with most naughty amateur chicks in, today’s steamy video is exactly the type of teen you enjoy watching in homemade porn. This kinky hottie is not only filling up her mobile phone and computer hard drive with selfies, she’s also addicted to filming herself doing all sorts of sleazy stuff with her lover in amateur videos, which she makes during times she ran out of makeup to practice with or done painting her nails. Aside from these girly hobbies, she finds it more appealing and worth her time and energy when dealing with her cravings for throbbing boners.

This is what this full video is all about, playing with her BF’s stiff cock. You know what they say, while the cats (referring to their folks) are away, the kinky mice will play. From lap dancing during a friend’s party, to dry humping inside the car, this amateur scene babe excites herself while pleasing someone just about anywhere she can record her thing.

She was chatting with a horny friend online while looking at My Alternative GF stuff and this pal dared her to show him a good time while doing her boyfriend’s boner. Good thing her BF didn’t mind showing his cock to another guy and as long as this pleases his chick, he’s all up for the dare. So they got on with it without a fuss and this horny lil mouse made two cocks happy and is so deserving of some yummy cheese. Can only imagine how wild she’d get taking loads of cum from both guys. We might see that in the future so keep checking back for more emo hotties here.

Scene babes display sexy bodies on cam

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Want a dose of some alternative hotness? You have come to the right place and as always, My Alternative GF provides the sexiest amateur honeys showing off their emo lifestyle.

We compile all these photos and play only the best videos for you to enjoy. If you are the type who are into girls who take pleasure having pierced tits or cunt or just about any kind of body piercings possible, if you like those wild and dark styles of clothing, which matches their equally wild sexual nature, this picture set of emo honeys will make your day. We’re lucky to find these two because they’re all game to show off their tight bodies while posing in sexy outfits.

We did mention some piercings here and there plus their eccentric taste in dressing up. This could actually be both wild and cute. But cute could also be like those fine cuties in school uniforms tho we know how wild they can be right under from that tiny skirt and immaculate white blouse. has been proven to be a fast cure for these cravings and all you got to do now is spread the word, to every person you know, who might be in dire need of some sizzling emo fuck. It’s a 2-in-1 deal today and there will be more to see after enjoying these slutty bitches’ skanky pics. You probably got those pants down while locked in your room, stroking that cock and panting while looking at our hot chicks right here. Yes, they would very much like to have a threesome with you too. Let’s leave you with their full pic gallery here so you can choke that throbbing boner in peace.

Sultry Pierced Emo Chick Gives Great Oral

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Welcome to another sizzling hot edition. This is such a great way to start your week, one raunchy video of a pierced emo bitch giving her fling the hottest blowjob in town. Catch her as she enjoys giving her boyfriend one sloppy head. She may look like she won’t even tease you with her lusty ways but look at her go in this video, licking and blowing a cock like she’s one savage monster so hungry for her prey. Her man is obviously enjoying the ride and it becomes much more obvious when he moans so loud before exploding a huge amount of cum while his skanky rocker whore savors the oozing warm and tasty goo and licking it off his tool. If you like these movie updates then go to today! There’s a bunch of hardcore pic and vid treats that awaits you and they are all yours to enjoy!

Pretty emo bitches

Monday, November 19th, 2012

pretty chick camwhoring emo girlfriend selfpic

gorgeous emo GF shows off her body doodle hot and sexy babe displays her huge breasts

I know it says brunette but I really don’t have any specific preference with regards to a babe’s hair color as long as she is naughty and could make a totem pole out of my big cock. My Alternative GF is all about girlfriends who got a unique way of expressing themselves through the clothes they put on, wearing odd pieces of clothing, putting them together according to their mood, same goes with their makeups. And of course, you can’t miss the part where they almost always spend a huge amount of time taking photos of themselves, selfshooting, in any weird but exciting poses they can think of. Some would even go the extra mile by doodling on their skin or posting notes on their bodies, just so the entire world would know how much of an emo babe they are. And this part of their “ritual” is actually the most important and exciting one because this is where they get to do whatever they think is different and strange (when a lot of them has already been doing these things, which doesn’t really make them unique in any way, eh?). But gives them all the credit they deserve for making us all hard and horny and ready to explode. All these pictures and a whole lot more will show you our finest collection of scene chicks. Keep coming back for more because we are sure to give you all that you need.

A Bunch Of Sexy And Nasty Inked Emo Girfriends Camwhoring

Monday, November 12th, 2012

If you’re into goth, rocker, punk and tattooed chicks with huge boobs then this is just the right kind of fix that you will ever need especially if you’re addicted to this kind of chicks. See fresh new faces and sizzling scene chicks sharing their pictures in this burning hot photo collection. This episode is all about these gorgeous inked honeys who wanted to expose themselves as the emo or punk or rocker chick that they are. And since they have what it takes to become one, they fit this page perfectly. There is no doubt that these amateur hotties will catch a lot of our attention like what it is doing now.

Most of the chicks featured on this week’s edition used their mobile phone cams to take smutty snapshots of themselves while in their underwears, half nude as well as completely in the bare! All of them have their smartphones linked to their social media accounts… large mistake! Now they all get exposed as these nymphos raunchy photos get hacked! You have to love amateur chicks like these emo gfs, they stay in characted even while they self shoot in the bare!

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Beautiful And Super Luscious Blonde Amateur Emo Honey Camwhoring

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Look at this super gorgeous and delicious rocker amateur getting so kinky with her cellphone while posing dirty and acting so flirty juct to feed our eyes with her awesome sensuality! She’s just amazing! Focus on her perfect figure and for sure you’ll gonna grab your dong and jack it afterwards! Oozing with charm and sexiness really she is!

Another steamy hot My Alternative GF episode for you today and this one’s a piece of nice amateur emo girlfriends wearing her sexy lingerie. It’s not unusual, to see pictures of scene babes posing like some punk or goth shit wearing almost all kinds of clothing but each of them will always give you a different kind of pleasure and that’s what’s not so shitty about it. In this set, you’ll find the not-so-freaky nature of these chicks coz they camwhore wearing something sexy and worth jacking off to. I don’t mind them sporting someone’s skull on a neckpiece or placing blood-red ink on their tits or ass to make it look like they actually inflicted pain themselves. I’m all for these types of chicks and the I don’t let the creepiness get in the way of my horny nature. Besides, My Alternative GF only has hot and wild chicks to offer whether they’re wearing wedding gowns or matching black lace and leather attire to their most hideous getups — all of them are all certified hot and will make you squirm with delight. Ok, that sounds so fucking gay but, hell yeah, all our scene girlfriends will cause you to explode more than you could’ve imagined. I find them ultra hot and I need to share them to you, just click right here to enjoy looking at our precious finds.

Inked Emo Slutty Fucked Doggiestyle In The Tub

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

My Alternative GF is an amateur gf porn site featuring thousands and thousands of fresh pics and vids of attention seeking teenage emo babes who will do everything to grab lads attention! On this week’s movie update, catch a sizzling hot intense dougie style fuck video featuring an inked emo gf and her man baring it all in the bathtub. It’s always refreshing to watch chicks who are so into sex that they can’t keep themselves off their boyfriends’ bush whenever they meet up and fuck each other up. This inked emo slut is not just up for anything xxx, she’s also extremely burning hot. Catch her getting banged and rammed in a bathtub while doing a dougie style fucking. Hear her moans and groans as this lucky stud reach the climax and screws her quivering snatch much harder and faster before squirting all his goos inside her pussy! I’m pretty much sure that this emo couple won’t disappoint anyone who’d take a peek at what they do check them out now and enjoy the scorching hot and rough ride at My Alternative GF!

Hot And Kinky Amateur Emo Gfs Exposed As The Slutty Bitches On Leaked Naked Pictures

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Are you ready for this week’s new amateur gf skankiness? This week’s photo set features a smoking hot photo gallery showcasing a bunch of hot and sensuous amateur emo girlfriends who are just to naughty they just can’t fight the urge to take nude snapshots of themselves! Feast on these flaming wild images and enjoy jacking off to these gorgeous honeys, some are skinny while some have curvy curves… but all of them are lewd emo nymphos, punk rock girlfriends and scene bitches who loves to bare it all on their mobile phone’s cameras and digital cams! Most of the sluts featured on this week’s edition used their mobile phone cams to take raunchy photographs of themselves while in their underwears, half bare as well as completely in the bare! All of them have their smartphones linked to their social media accounts… mammoth mistake! Now they all get exposed as these whores wild snapshots get hacked! You have to love amateur chicks like these emo gfs, they stay in characted even while they self shoot in the bare! I mean, just look at their photos, acting like wild rock chicks with their tongues out, their faces wild and their fingers rocking up in the air! Some have sensuous tattoos, others have sensual body piercings and a couple have of these bitches have both! Busty or tiny titted, shaved or hairy, the emo sluts come in various shapes and sizes but all of them are real life cam whoring sluts!

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