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Selfshooting emo honey

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

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sexy naked emo girlfriend selfshooting in the bath tub

Another one of our favorites, an amateur alternative chick selfshooting. Yes, and you will only get the finest and the hottest here on Today’s feature is on this sizzling GF who is, like most sexy emo teens out there, simply likes to take photos of herself (and tons!). Well, we’ll be seeing just a couple of those really nice sexy pictures of hers but I assure you that you will love every piece of it. This amateur emo hottie likes to show off her breasts and, oh, don’t forget her new piercings and some fresh tats too. What’s an alternative chick without these, huh? Yeah, aside from her makeup which almost always make any scene chick look mysterious and dangerous, they got to have a few holes punched in their sexy bodies or face and get inked with whatever “meaningful” Chinese or Japanese character that they think would look cute on them. This new My Alternative GF find has been eyeing a spot here in out site and we’re sure glad she came across our photo gallery coz she kinda caught my fancy for this flavor of the week’s chosen one. Lame, right? But, yeah, that’s what I call some of the picks I have in my own personal list and I make sure to keep them right there coz I get horny most of the time and I need a bit of help getting off when I want it fast and hard and this sexy amateur emo babe will do anytime. Click here to view all of her hot pictures and do check back every now and then for more updates on our sexy and naughty alternative chicks.

Kinky rocker webcam babe

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

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You’re back here at My Alternative GF just in time for another steamy edition. Of course, our main attraction is yet a brand new video of an amateur alternative babe doing something naughty. This time though it’s a sleazy punk girlfriend trying out her skills in teasing and it seems to work like magic not only on her boyfriend, to whom she first addressed this video to, but on all of us here at as well. You wouldn’t find her here today is she wasn’t successful making us hot and horny. So, better watch this naughty rocker babe do her thing on the web. First she was just having a nice flirty conversation with her emo BF then he tried teasing this babe first, hoping she’d give in in doing some stuff for him. It didn’t take too long for a few convincing and then our amateur scene honey started getting all fired up, grabbing her tits and giving them a few gentle squeeze while maybe her boyfriend started doing his thing on the other side of the screen too. And then, as the two got even hotter, this chick pretended her hairbrush to be a stiff cock (probably her BF’s) and began sucking on its base while she shows her nips from that white tank top. This amateur babe knows what we like and she didn’t just stop right here, she ended up playing with her cunt using the hairbrush as her dildo. Hmmm… sounds hot, yeah? Watch the full video here now so you wouldn’t just go staring at the screenies.

Naked punk chick camwhoring in the tub

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

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hot naked emo babe in the bath tub

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Welcome back to another steamy My Alternative GF edition and we feature this nice amateur scene babe today who likes, more than anything else, to selfshoot every chance she got. She’s an average hot teen with the knacks for being vain and everything in between, yes, that includes getting all naked and shooting photos of herself or at times get someone to do the photo works for her so she could freely pose about, any way she likes. See these photos right here? Well, obviously there’s no one else around to take the pictures for her but she did a great job getting all naughty, showing her fine perky juggs while she’s inside the bath tub, wet and slippery from all the suds, looking very delicious (I felt the need to add that coz she’s fucking yummy!). Who doesn’t want a wild horny tease like her who’d go naked for you (and for the rest of the perverted people of this planet) and act like she’s the only one you’d want to fuck around with, right? You’ve clicked coz you’ve probably fell into the trap of all our sleazy scene girlfriends here and you’re in luck coz we’re bringing you another hottie today. Yes, I am talking about this naked rocker babe in the bath tub, with her round tits sticking out from all the soap bubbles, making its presence known to all of us who wanted to take a better look. She’s quite generous showing her stuff and I can only wish she’d show us more next time coz am wondering how her pussy would look like getting all wet from the soapy water too. Hmmm… Check out all her pictures right here. Enjoy and be sure to come back for a whole lot more of slutty amateur alternative babes.