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Pretty scene honey flashing her round breasts

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

hot emo babe being a tease on cam

kinky punk babe flashing her breasts

We got another steamy video for you My Alternative GF fans out there and you will love this amateur scene hottie not just because she’s pretty but she’s smart enough to show us some goods even for a quick moment, you know, to keep us more excited. She is one of those babes who play hard to get but when you managed to get her trust even for a bit, you have to be prepared to see more of her coz she’ll show you something more the least you expect it. Yes, like what she did in this video. At first she said she was just having fun watching her chatmates do things for her and show her what they got but things kinda went on a different route one time and she found herself more horny than ever and wanted someone to get what he wants for a change. Being a bit unpredictable this punk honey is, she surprised her fuck buddy with a quick peek show and flashed her hot and yummy round breasts. She admits to feeling more hot and horny when she got a very positive response from her friend when she showed him her breasts and she vowed from then on to be back here at to share more of her videos where she’d lure more unsuspecting viewers who like sexy scene chicks like her. She says she wanted these guys to want her more, coz it maked her horny as hell. Watch her in this video and you be the judge of just how much of a tease this sexy babe is.

Hot emo babe shows her tits and shaven cunt

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

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Another steamy My Alternative GF edition for all of our fans out there. We have collected this amateur scene chick’s photos to feature today and I know you will get horny and jerk off in no time. I haven’t seen much of these emo sluts who are into much facial piercing and you’re lucky to meet this sexy amateur babe if you yourself likes getting all those holes punched on your face. Just don’t get too close to each other as you might find yourselves locked together coz of those “nuts and bolts” on your noses and lips. Anyway, this punk chick knows what suits her and all these emo must-haves totally rock on her. She’s like one of ’em hotties sitting on the floor, cross-legged, smoking a joint perhaps, while watching people pass by through her thick and dark makeup. All these emo babes like to appear as mysterious as possible and look pleasurably deadly most of the time. Well, all I can say is that she did a great job posing naked in these pictures. Now there will be more and more people who’d visit and wait for her next contribution and maybe hope for some hot fucking action with a wild dude or two. I’d like to give those perky tits a squeeze and fuck them ’til I cum on this chick’s face. I would want to lick and suck on those erect nipples as well, make her moan, while I finger-fuck her shaven pussy. Check out all the photos here and you make your own fantasies with this sexy emo hottie.