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Goth babe gives blowjob in front of her friends

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

horny Goth bitch giving head

This isn’t something we see everyday especially when done in front of other people like, well, there’s just you and your cocksucking alternative bitch. My Alternative GF welcomes a new sizzling video from a wild Gothic honey who had a hell of a time sucking on her boyfriend’s cock while all their peers look on. Those are some lucky friends, getting a chance watching this horny teens put up a live show for them to enjoy. But you, on the other, as a fan of has the lucky chance too of watching this sleazy video right from wherever you are now and you’ll be as comfortable as those people who have witnessed this right in front of them. Oh, and a bonus for you, you can watch this video again and again. Sounds perfect, eh? Now that you’re here, I bet you’re itching to see just how wild this chick can get and based from this screen shot, it’s just a part of the whole pleasurable journey that you’ll be taking when you get to view the full video right here. By the looks on this chick’s pretty face, she’s hungry for that boner and she gives head really good for such an amateur like herself. I bet she’s practicing a lot when she’s got the spare time away from all these audience. Watch the video now to experience a different kind of blowjob that you’d want to try with your own fuck buddy.

Cocksucking emo bitch

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

horny emo babe sucks on a dick

scene chick shows her tattoo and nice breasts

alternative bitch giving a nice hot blowjob

My Alternative GF got this steamy collection of photos from an amateur scene chick who loves to give a hot blowjob. She’s a tattooed bitch who fancies piercings as well and these things, she said, make her feel more like she “belongs” with her group of emo girlfriends. Well, she did pass as one emo honey that’s why we featured her today, to give justice to her sleaziness. We really don’t want to put it to waste, now, do we? So anyway, as you can see in these pictures, she’s one hell of a slut, really, sucking a cock like there’s no tomorrow. She could bite that one off if she ain’t careful. Ha! But this looks so much fun and I bet they both got so pleased with themselves that this ain’t the only thing that they did after this photo shoot. But before your mind could wander off elsewhere, be sure to enjoy all these hot photos first. Savor those nice pair of juggs, this chick’s hot pussy, and imagine that it’s your boner that she’s got inside that warm mouth of hers. Hmmm… now that’s more we like it, eh? Watch that mouth wrapped around this dude’s woody, she holds the shaft so tight that I think I could go off sooner that expected if she were to do this to me. I like it when a wild amateur cocksucking babe gets a bit rough handling my tool coz I get more pleasure that way. Click here to see the entire photo set of this emo fuck. Check back here at often for more fresh updates on horny amateur scene chicks who will drive you mad.