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Scene chicks giving BJs

Monday, December 27th, 2010

raunchy emo chick licks off cum from a woody

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No, this isn’t some BJ site but it’s way better than that. My Alternative GF gives you this picture selection of emo bitches who aren’t just obsessed with their rocker or gothic lifestyles, but as amateurs, they wanted to try their skills on almost anything that can keep their fuck buddies satisfied. I’m talking about their love for licking and sucking cocks and making these explode with tons and tons of cum. Oh, before I forget one of the special parts, these alternative girlfriends want to do their thing in a messy and hardcore way. Since most of them are new to some of our sexual stunts and would most probably need more practice, all their clumsiness (which can be awfully cute sometimes) are forgivable. Their pictures are way hot and I can’t wait to try one of them and make her please me and my boner for as long as she can take it. comes up with something new almost every week and though this isn’t one of those “new” stuff, viewing these photos will already make you want one wild and horny emo bitch right away. And just like in any fastfood chain, you’d want to eat your meat while it’s hot and fresh, right? Amen to that. If you’re into piercings, a lot of our hot chicks right here, I bet, could tease you much easier by just licking your woody using her pierced tongue or give her a rough titty-fuck, while occasionally playing with her studded nips. Check back for more of our hot and wild alternative bitches. They’ll be waiting.

Horny amateur teen punks fucking hardcore

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

horny emo chick riding a throbbing dick

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My Alternative GF fans, you will enjoy this new steamy video of a punk chick having a wild time fucking and getting fucked by her horny boyfriend. They both love to play kinky roles inside the bedroom, or wherever they choose to get dirty, and going scene is always on top of their list. This raunchy honey influenced her BF somehow because she said that the time they first met some weeks ago, this dude haven’t even tried fucking a bitch from behind. She knows the dude ain’t faking it since he was stupidly trembling while holding her ass and pumping her pussy doggie style. Oh, and she said her poor BF exploded a minute too soon. Ha! Yeah, that’s definitely one of the signs when you don’t have the “control” yet. I must admit I was like that the first few tries but that was when I slept with this cougar babe (well, she’s not really that old but I was like years younger, you can call me a “teen”) and she made this amateur stud experience first hand how it feels to be in control and hold the load for a couple of minutes more just so we’s have plenty of time to fill in our own personal video. Yes, she filmed the two of us fucking inside her flat but I didn’t have the chance to relive the wild moment coz she had it “for safe keeping”. I told you, is always jampacked with scene girlies with various skills that you can use in your own bedrooms. Watch the full video here and see how our horny chick rides her man’s boner and then gets fucked full from behind.

Alternative GFs show off their large knockers

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

emo GF with nose piercing displays her giant breasts

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Today is no ordinary day for all you My Alternative GF fans out there because this edition is a 2-in-1 jackpot with more than ten steamy chicks who consider themselves alternative bitches. And, yeah, they did justice to the name alright. Look at these pictures and you can’t do anything but agree, eh? Our amateur girlfriends know exactly how to strut their stuff which, in this case, are their huge delicious tits. Oh, I did say that this is some kinda 2-in-1 treat, right? Well, there are some sites where you can only view hot big-tittied chicks and that’s it. But what we have here for you are, like I said in the title of this post, heavy-chested scene girlfriends, and you can’t find these just about anywhere. I mean, if you’re into emo GFs and you like them with huge knockers at the same time, well, this is the perfect photo collection for you. Don’t these cuties with all their candy-colored locks, strong but sexy makeup, and their yummy tits make you go mad and just wanted to take all of them in your humble abode and play all night? Of course you know by play and it includes squeezing their juggs, fingering their pussy, and everyone’s favorite, fucking an emo chick. I’d do it from behind, just for a jumpstart. Click on to find more of these sexy busty hotties and start fantasizing how you’d spend the night with them in your cozy bedroom.

Busty emo Amy enjoys a hot cum facial

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

hot and horny emo Amy gets a messy facial

Maybe you’ve seen this steamy scene babe before and if you have, it’s because she’s quite popular around here and I highly bet that you’ll get hooked on her too once you watch this burning hot video of her and her lucky boytoy. Well, any dude who could get that chance to bang this bitch’s twat is lucky indeed coz he ain’t just be fucking some pussy that “lie there”. This avid fan of My Alternative GF is a self-confessed sex-driven machine. Though she insists on sleeping and playing around, what she does in bed (or wherever she’d like to do the fucking and everything in between) is a certified hot material. Her adventurous nature when it comes to getting naughty will make you wish she’s seated on your lap, barenaked, driving your hard throbbing stick shift. Just like in this video, Amy rides her buddy’s cock while teasing him with her huge tits, which are tightly cupped in her sexy black corset. Then after a few pumps, the dude’s ready to explode on her face ’til he withdraws his cock from Amy’s hot pussy and poured his cum on her pretty face. is all about all these emo or punk or gothic hotties and what they do best to make all of us wild and horny while watching them on equally wild and hot videos that they create for us to jerk off to. Watch the full video now to enjoy this amateur cutie.