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Scene chicks with nice breasts

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

hot emo babe with an amazing cleavage and huge boobies

horny busty scene chick in her black lingerie wild and sexy alternative GF shows off her huge tits

It’s breasts day today here on My Alternative GF but am not talking about babes with just the big racks on them, I’d like to give credit to our sizzling scene bitches who got the guts to display their not-so-big-but-totally-delicious tits. It’s like, dude, get some or nothing at all, eh? Seeing the photos of these girlfriends, savoring those sexy body and facial piercings, their often wild and mysterious makeup, all these make a perfect package for some hot fuck. At first you’d only notice the big-tittied emo chicks but then again, I know a lot of dude who doesn’t really give a shit if the babe’s got the biggest or the smallest of tits, as long as the bitch can please him beyond his wildest fantasies. And because I know lots of dudes who go for both sizes and sure as hell enjoy the sex all the same, I can’t help but imagine myself sucking in a medium-sized tit, making sure I got the entire piece right inside my mouth and just make the chick moan and groan with pleasure as my tongue work on the nips and flick ’til the bitch goes crazy. I’m pretty sure you do that often so you know very well what I’m talking about. has a lot more of wild and hot emo babes to show you, more pictures of your favorite punk or gothic babes. But before you explore further, check this collection out first for a hot jumpstart.

Emo teen films self naked in the bath

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

topless emo chick being a tease on cam

horny emo babe fingers her pussy

My Alternative GF is back with another burning hot video of an emo chick who likes to flaunt her tits and twat while filming herself naked in the bathroom. This is not her first time, but as an amateur, she admits to wanting to learn more on how she could tease more guys and visit this post we made for her. Well, she showed us a couple of videos of her doing all kinds of naughty stuff and we agreed to posting this one first. Yeah, the orientation sucks, we know, but she is an amateur and this is one of ’em faults that she’s got to straighten up the next time she submits her videos. I mean if she wanted us to feel comfortable getting all horny then jack off while watching her and not cause us to get stiff necks, she should get this right next time. So, anyway, back to her video. She’s got nice pair of racks on her and she did show it all off plus played with her pussy using her fingers, which has these dark polished emo nails. We all wanted alternative girlfriends and the more we crave for them when they’re being this horny and wild. If it’s gorgeous and sexy horny rocker or emo chicks that you want, just click on to find what you’re looking for. We got all these hot videos waiting for you but don’t forget to watch this babe‘s full video before browsing through other chicks’.

Curvy alternative girlfriends camwhoring

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

topless busty punk chick selfshoots

naked emo babe camwhoring in her bedroom hot gothic GF in her sexy lingerie

Fresh new faces and steamy alternative chicks sharing their pictures in this flamin’ hot collection. This My Alternative GF episode is all about these gorgeous curvy honeys who wanted to expose themselves as the emo or punk or rocker chick that they are. And since they have what it takes to become one, they fit this page perfectly. There is no doubt that these amateur hotties will catch a lot of our attention like what it is doing now. Well, you browse through often, right? So there is no way that you wouldn’t want to feast and jack off to these too. I mean, they may not be all naked and inviting (in that way) but they have all the charm to lure you into their emo world and let you fall for their eccentric yet very sexy trap. If you’re into huge tits (who isn’t?!) then this is just the right kind of fix that you will ever need especially if you’re addicted to this kind of chicks. An emo, wild, and sexy chick showing off her nice fine big racks? Damn. Yeah, I’m so darn sure that that’s what your reaction is and what you will do while you browse these babes’ pictures or after looking at them is all up to you. Not like I don’t have any idea what goes through that head of yours, eh? Ok, enough chitchats and let me take you to the rest of the girls in this compilation. Enjoy every single selfshooting hotness and be sure to check back soon.

Emo babe naked in the bath tub

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

naked emo chick inside the bath tub

In an effort to look hotter, our featured My Alternative GF scene chick made this wet but not-so-wild video to tease those limp muscles and make one hell of a woody out of them. I mentioned that this emo honey wanted to look hotter because even without her dark scene makeup on, she’s already a crowd favorite with her perky small tits, a nice firm figure, and her clean-shaven twat. But since she has been visiting for quite sometime now and she admits to having been too influenced by the other hot and kinky chicks that she sees in this hub, she can’t help but let her emo self out and simply get noticed (and fantasized about of course). That’s probably the main reason why she made this amateur video and actually planned on making some more for us in the near future. I don’t see any reason why she has to hold back, not that she said she is going to, but I would personally tell this hot chick to just keep on doing what makes her happy and we know very well that we will be happier to see her do a lot more kinky stuff next time. She’s got potential, really, and all she needs is a little more practice and I’m pretty damn sure that the next videos she’ll show us would get five stars rating or more. Check back often to view more alternative chicks who are dying to expose themselves. Watch this emo babe‘s full video, just click this link and enjoy.

Scene chicks camwhoring

Monday, November 1st, 2010

topless punk chick got her nose pierced

kinky scene babe cupping her breasts emo cutie selfshooting in her bathroom

Can’t get enough of our steamy hot chicks here in My Alternative GF, huh? Well, you’ve come at the right time since I’ve collected another photo set of these kinky teen scene sluts and they’re all waiting for you. All of them are fond of spending their free time camwhoring and if I were their teacher and have to give them their grades, I will rank ’em up high and give them a wet slurp while they spread those legs. Yes, of course, they wanted that. They’re obviously begging for the attention and that’s what we will give them. They may seem so naive in these pictures, posing like they don’t know what could happen when horny dudes like you and me look at their every slutty pose. They think that those piercings are harmless and those chunky dark makeup they smother on their pretty faces don’t have any extreme effect on us and our throbbing dongs. Though I think some of them are well aware of that they do cause some serious jizz explosion, they’re a bunch of amateur chicks who are so fucking good in pretending to be those hot and wild alternative chicks we see on TV. Fortunately, most of our girls here would do so well exposing their emo or punk selves that you can actually think of casting them in some cheap porn flick that would eventually sell like hotcakes. will show you more of these and you could catch the entire photo set right here. Visit us often and get a load of your favorite scene girlfriends.