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Tattooed and pierced hottie sucking on a big boner

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

horny punk babe licking a throbbing cock

My Alternative GF got a glimpse of this horny rocker babe and she slammed our heat meters up to a hundred percent. If you dig piercings and tats, which we all do on this part of our perverted planet, and you long for a sizzling video to watch where a scene honey gets kinky with her fuck buddy, then you’re in for a great ride. See this screenshot over here? That’s our featured wild scene girlfriend and by the looks of it, she enjoys licking and sucking on this dude’s hard shaft. Our amateur sex siren looks pro while holding a throbbing dick and putting it inside her mouth. She knows her way so well that you could almost feel as if it’s your own cock that she’s playing with. Watching her give this nice blowjob and looking at those tats and piercing that screams how wild she can be, this video is going to my favorites bin. Add to the hotness is the fact that she’s got not-so-bad medium-sized round titties that we want to fuck. If she could only show us her pussy, I bet we’d want to ram our tools inside it too. I wonder how it would feel like when she sucks on my woody, licks it, and her nose piercing woulg glide across my skin. Not that I haven’t experienced being blown by a chick with a tongue pierce but I think these things give different effect. Maybe this horny scene babe could do me next and I could live happily ever after. Ha! Watch her full video and enjoy getting hot with this horny pair. Click on again to keep yourselves updated with our wild and wide collection of raunchy scene girlfriends.

These punk sluts like playing with boners

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

kinky scene chick wants to get her boobies fucked

cocksucking horny punk bitch geeky scene GF giving a hot deepthroat

No, you’re not lost. This is and what you’re seeing are just a glimpse of what we you will be fantasizing about soon enough. Not that you haven’t been masturbating to pictures of bitches who wear nothing but black and red and likes smothering their pretty faces with tons of goo before but these scene girlfriends are sure to give you a different kind of high, pleasing you in their own little kinky ways. Oh, the best part about this episode? These are steamy cocksucking girls that will make your head spin. No, of course not literally and though you might end up like that hardcore demon chick who crawls on ceilings and spins her head like a top, reason behind that will only be because you’re getting too much pleasure that you could feel your entire body wanted to explode. Check out the chicks posted here. We got a nerdy punk one who could get easily mistaken for some boring fuck, then there’s this babe who’d beg you to titty-fuck her, and the list could go on and on. Looking at photos of “ordinary” bitches who like to give blowjobs, they already give me a headache (make that headaches) from beating my meat too much. But having extraordinary cocksucking sluts to jack off to? It’s an entire fucking different story. Try them now, view their gallery, and you will soon find yourselves loving My Alternative GF more with every visit that you make.

Playful emo GF gets naked on cam

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

hot emo chick in her sexy white tank top

semi shy emo babe in a nice striptease

My Alternative GF was out fishing on a lake one day and got this delicious catch. We made sure it won’t run away so we have posted its video right here the moment we got it in our hands. Ok, I’m talking about a bored scene chick who shared her sexy striptease video. After I watched it, I can’t help but ask, “Why can’t all those bored honeys just get a video camera, put on some naughty lingerie and film themselves then they take everything off while they sway and grind to some sizzling hot music?”. I mean, try browsing those social networking sites and you don’t even have to search long and hard, those sexy teen sluts who say they are pretty damn bored so all they do is camwhore away will come flashing right before your eyes. And because those sites are open to all eyes and ears, you’d often find that there are some slightly provocative poses that could fit your jacking off criteria. Yes, just because these naive horny girls think that they are just vain and took up some fucked up private course on selfshooting, they actually think that posing with only in their 2 piece swimsuits is quite harmless. Don’t they know how we dig their kind? Oh, yeah, I did mention they’re naive. Well, to a certain degree. Check out this emo chick’s video, it’s obvious that she’s still an amateur, not knowing how to flaunt her twat and breasts well, but she will pass your taste once you get a full view of her smooth-shaven cunt and nice perky tits. She is hot in her own right, given that she chose and trusted to give her this chance of a lifetime. And because we featured her here today, I think there’s a big possibility for us to watch her again. She said she might send a longer video so we can enjoy more. Watch out for that.

Blonde scene bitches selfshooting

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010
busty emo chick with pierced lips
cutie scene GF selfshooting camwhoring punk honey displays her huge breasts
Blondes plus scene plus selfshooting chicks equals to a sizzling episode here on My Alternative GF. Yes, we got the 3-in-1 thingy going on here and they’re all waiting for you. Check out our mouthwatering samplers in this post. We got burnin’ hot photos of sexy blonde girlfriends who like to strut their vanity, camwhoring just about anywhere they please. Oh, I just realized that we actually have an extra bonus for all you pervy scene-loving studs out there — most of these girls have huge tits. So, to make this experience a cock-stiffening cum-exploding one, I’d like to upgrade to 4-in-1 edition. If this isn’t enough for you to get a hardon, I don’t know whatelse can. It’s not new to us when some blonde babe would cause us to get an adrelin rush fit for people in any type of life-threatening natural disaster. I mean, by looking at our amateur kinky scene girlfriends right here, just posing to tease using their assets, I bet they can cause you to explode more than once within an hour. That made me wonder, what more if they’d give us photos of themselves doing more than just posing, eh? You know, like sticking a dildo up their tight ass or fuck their cunts with it or show themselves getting banged by their boyfriends, I bet you’d be clicking on a lot more often. We’ll be waiting for those and I hope these busty bitches will make more kinky picture galleries soon.