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Hot punk bitch fingering her pussy

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

kinky punk girlfriend masturbating on her bed

If these scene babes aren’t enough to make you horny by just exposing themselves looking like the dark and sizzling hot princesses from hell, My Alternative GF gives you a lot more than that in today’s episode. See, this punk slutty girlfriend wanted to show us her kinky nature by playing with her pussy on her bed. She’s hotter in that red and black lacy lingerie, which contributed strongly in her desire to look like one of ’em wild scene chicks. As you all may know, being an alternative babe requires a huge amount of heavy makeup and eccentric clothing. And this particular bitch passed an initiation fit for all those freaky yet hot and wild kind. This video will show us how horny scene chicks can get when they’re alone on a comfy bed and dressed like whores ready to get fucked by any of us. simply worships girls who aren’t afraid to explore and please people even if it means that their entire family could disown them anytime soon. Yeah, that sounds funny but this hot video won’t get you laughing. Instead, this masturbating chick will drive you mad for being too fucking hot, fingering her twat like you’d wish so fucking bad that it’s your finger fondling her like jello stiffening under your warm touch. Watch the video now and enjoy fantasizing about this horny scene chick for hours ’til you run dry of cum.

Selfpics of hot tattooed emo chicks

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

sexy emo babe selfshoots in her lingerie naked emo GF shows off her arm tattoo

topless hot scene girlfriend wild in handcuffs

One of the so-called trademarks of these scene babes is getting inked especially on parts of their bodies where it’ll appear to make them look extra naughty. Yeah, apart from the heavy and quite often intimidating makeup, they create a nice sexy canvass out of their skins and express their being either a gothic or an emo girlfriend. I’ve collected these photos to show you options as to where these wild and sizzling hot girls love to put those tats. My Alternative GF likes finding tons of chicks who expose themselves through this art while making sure that they’re successful in making us horny and eventually jack off to their pictures. On my end, they already served the purpose but that doesn’t mean that it’ll end in just a single explosion. These chicks are undeniably hot and they got a lot to show than just these tats. All these babes got a nice built. See those perky breasts? The type that you want to squeeze and lick and fuck. Too bad there ain’t any pussy exposures in these photo set but we can always feast on those nice firm asses and fantasize how fucking nice it is to grab them and bang these emo bitches like a dog would. So, yeah, this episode is not just about the lame topic on tattoo but on the hotness of these scene chicks of course. Visit often and get updated on the latest picture compilations that will make you squirm and cum. Having fun yet? You can always click this link for an easy access to the world of these hot and wild scene babes.

Horny scene teens fucking in a public toilet

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

horny emo dude fucks his emo GF from behind

kinky scene chick enjoys getting banged in the cubicle

When things get this hot and you can no longer hold it in, anywhere seems the perfect place to just do something about the heat and get it over with. My Alternative GF got this steamy video of two emo teens making out in a public toilet and based from these screenies, you could see how much they struggled but still had so much fucking fun banging away. Even in this little space they still managed to do their kinky deeds and that’s what makes this video extra spicy. You know, there’s a different kind of excitement when you fuck someone in public and there’s this idea that you can be caught anytime by anyone. When I get into this kind of an arrangement, it’s always as if I’m working out in a gym, getting all warm and beads of sweat started to appear on my head and drips across my forehead — just because I feel tense and excitement all at the same time. Oh, and exerting effort in banging someone from behind while standing brings all the muscles in my body into an overhaul fit for a ten-wheeler truck. The scene babe in this video is an avid fan of and she’s been on queue for quite sometime now, waiting for this video to be featured.  I gave her what she’s longing for coz I know that she’ll please any horny dude out there who’ll watch this. I’m positive that this emo girlfriend won’t fail me with my expectations coz she’s affected me in the most jack-off worthy kind of way countless times eversince I started watching her video.

Emo GFs in sexy lingerie

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

Another sizzling hot My Alternative GF episode for you today and this one’s a pack of nice amateur emo girlfriends wearing their sexy lingerie. It’s not unusual, to see pictures of scene chicks posing like some punk or goth shit wearing almost all kinds of clothing but each of them will always give you a different kind of pleasure and that’s what’s not so shitty about it. In this set, you’ll find the not-so-freaky nature of these chicks coz they camwhore wearing something sexy and worth jacking off to. I don’t mind them sporting someone’s skull on a neckpiece or placing blood-red ink on their tits or ass to make it look like they actually inflicted pain themselves. I’m all for these types of chicks and the I don’t let the creepiness get in the way of my horny nature. Besides, only has hot and wild chicks to offer whether they’re wearing wedding gowns or matching black lace and leather attire to their most hideous getups — all of them are all certified hot and will make you squirm with delight. Ok, that sounds so fucking gay but, hell yeah, all our scene girlfriends will cause you to explode more than you could’ve imagined. I find them ultra hot and I need to share them to you, just click right here to enjoy looking at our precious finds.

hot emo babe cups her breasts

selfshooting emo girlfriend hot emo chick camwhoring

Kinky goth babe gives good head

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

First time I watched this steamy hot video of a naughty scene babe lick this dude’s cock, there was an immediate flashback of my childhood crush who lived across our street. She used to lick and suck her lollipops with so much excitement that she was so clueless of how many times I jacked off by just watching her eat her sweets. Maybe I can tell her all these now since she’s a full grown fuckable slut and, yeah, she’s still just an arm’s reach so it’s not much of a biggie as to how I’d find her. In this My Alternative GF video, the cocksucking horny punk girlfriend gives her fling a hot BJ. She’s not your typical chick who’d just grab your crotch, pull your shaft, and suck away ‘til you cum. Our featured scene GF knows how to work her way around and though amateur, she looks like a fucking pro licking and sucking this lucky dude’s stiff dick.

scene chick sucking on a stiff cock

You will agree that she’s one hell of a cocksucking machine by watching her video. Her looks alone is hot and it got better with her going down and dirty for all of us who likes visiting With her bloody do and dark-painted nails plus her superb skills in giving blowjobs — what more can you ask for, right? This horny bitch got my woody up in a record-breaking 3 seconds and made me beat my meat like 2 and a half times in less than 3 hours. There’s half an hour coz I passed out even before I can shoot the remaining loads from my cock. Ha! Click here to watch and see for yourself just how hot and horny this emo babe is.

horny punk babe licking a woody