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Scene chicks camwhoring in the bathroom

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

busty blonde emo babe selfshooting

sexy scene GF camwhoring hot and topless amateur rocker girlfriend

I see that you’re back sporting that nasty woody again and let me just say that you shouldn’t go about displaying that in front of me while I talk here, ayt? Wait ’til you see this picture collection of scene bitches, selfshooting inside their comfy baths. My Alternative GF expects to see GFs admire themselves like this, you know, pose in front of the mirror with their camera phone or digital camera in one hand and just have a fucking wild time shooting away. Of course, all of these chicks are sexy and their goods are hot. Most of them took photos of themselves in the nude while the rest are content that they will look as hot even with their tight-fitting clothes on. Well, I can just agree to that, and I’m pretty damn sure that you will too. Look at these punk/goth girls as they “make love to their cameras”. But I won’t call it that if I were to cum… err… come face to face with these slutty chicks. I think I’d ask them to simply fuck with me and play with my cock and show me what a scene babe is made of and what makes them fucking special. Visit to see the entire collection. I have favorites and I bet you got your own list of them too so just click here so we can compare notes.

Emo girlfriend gives sloppy BJ

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

busty emo babe sucking a boner

horny scene chick enjoys giving a hot BJ

If you like babes who love to lick and swallow cum and you happen to crave for scene girlfriends, well then, got everything you need. In today’s fresh episode, we caught this sizzling hot emo slut on video who enjoys giving wild and sloppy BJs. She may be an amateur but if you watch the clips right here, you’d think that she’s been to some kind of a blowjob boot camp where she could possibly learned those licking and sucking skills. She sucks that boner like she’s riding a fucking bullet train and ready to fly any minute. I imagine this chick having a pierced tongue, which she’d excitedly use to give me extra pleasure while she feasts on my throbbing meat. The first time I watched this hot video, I thought my player was busted. But I was told that this wild chick and her boyfriend did tweak the speed a little so we’d get more excited with a fast-paced blowjob experience. Come to think of it, we’ve seen a whole lot of chicks give head in slow motion like they’re sucking a nasty piece of rod that stinks. Err… though there are some men like that, unhygienic piece of slobs that they are, the dude in this video isn’t one of them. This emo bitch will prove that her partner’s all clean and yummy. My Alternative GF is full of nice fucking surprises and you just have to visit us to get fresh updates daily.

Busty scene girlfriends

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

hot goth chick in her black and red corset cute emo babe playing with her nice huge tits

blonde scene bitch displays her large breasts naked emo girl squeezing her huge melons

Oftentimes we see scene babes wrapped in the most eccentric pieces of clothing, which make us just focus on their looks and how they pose to look like one of ’em goth or emo chick. But you’re in luck coz today you’ll be seeing busty girls here on My Alternative GF and you’ll be seeing their breasts without the clothes on. Ain’t that super or what? You can already guess of what more there is to the photo collection by viewing the four pictures posted in this blog. These chicks’ tits are huge and they’re real too. I can only imagine how big their brassieres are and how these will look like when they hang them to dry. I bet those of you who have breasts fetish will have a tough time avoiding the urge to beat your meat by just looking at the laundry baskets of our sizzling hot scene babes. No, there’s definitely nothing wrong if you’re that type but there’s something wrong if you don’t get horny while looking at these bitches. I can almost smell my cum on those tits. I can even see their pretty emo-stricken faces drowning in my jizz. is about scene chicks but it doesn’t follow that you will only be served boring selfshooting babes with all the accessories and clothes on and nothing else. Here, you will get just the best of sexy, wild, and hot chicks who are worth every drop of your seeds — whether they’re dressed or not. It only takes a single click on this link to visit us more often.

Emo GF naked in the showers

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Another steamy My Alternative GF video for you today and I’m more than glad that you’re back to check on this naughty sexy bitch. You wouldn’t guess the number of videos that she sent to us, considering that she’s an amateur, and this is her first time to be featured in our humble site. Well, I won’t tell you so you’d have another reason why you should keep on coming back and get your horny self updated about this chick’s piled up dirty laundry. This is a video of her in the showers and she wanted to tease all of us by touching herself and trying look all naughty and shit. But, like I said, she’s an amateur and all of the girls here are so don’t expect her to do a back flip or headstand while squeezing her perky boobs and rubbing her pussy.

sexy emo chick naked in the showers

kinky scene girlfriend films herself in the nude

We can always find simple but wild pleasures in these things and it’ll make us crave for more if they start with a tease and end with a bang. Admit it, even if we got the most perverted minds, we still need those little surprises that could spice up our sex life even more. And I will be giving you more and more of these sex sirens who’ll keep you company any time you wish. Just like what the rest of us do, you just have to click on to view more of these scene chicks, and watch a hot emo or goth girlfriend do her wild thing for you and make you squirm with pleasure. But for now, you enjoy watching this sexy emo babe‘s video and check back here for more of her soon. You’ll never know, maybe on her next video, she could be doing your kind of bedroom exercises and you don’t want to miss that one.