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Kinky emo teen plays with her boobies and a dildo

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

scene teen squeezing her perky boobies

nice and kinky titty fuck using her dildo

As you all know, Hello Kitty has been a household staple for babes who consider themselves scene girlfriends. So today, here on My Alternative GF, one of our emo recruits filmed herself wearing one of her most loved Hello Kitty baby tees. Sometimes I laugh at the idea coz these kinky chicks would eventually take the damn thing off on the first few minutes of their hot show — which happened in this video. Surprise, surprise. But the steamy part of this crazy idea is the fact that this horny teen got herself wet (her body, I mean), wearing no bra underneath, when she started taking her shirt off and finally playing with her tits then her weird-looking dildo. I think this video serves as a tribute to her fellow amateurs, some kind of a How to Play with your Tits & Dildo 101. Yeah, some kinda like that.  But she did a very good job with showing how you must squeeze those racks and how to use that sex toy when you got no partner to play with — for the meantime. This emo teen has a lot of other girl friends who wanted to have their naughty videos posted here too and I say, why not to that, eh? If they’d pass my taste and my dick’s needy nature when it comes to hot and wild sex, I won’t have to think twice about featuring them on the next posts to come. Now, onto the show… This young scene chick demands your attention and you better give her what she wanted. Aside from visiting everyday, she’d be totally ecstatic if you could watch her please you as often as you can. She wanted to know what you think and would like it if you could tell her how she can improve more so she can give you better naughty videos soon.

Emo GF playing dress up

Monday, June 14th, 2010

sexy and juicy amateur emo chick in an orange bikini sexy and hot scene babe posing

kinky handcuffed chick displays her nice tits cutie GF being emo in black stockings

I’m not sure if this babe is Asian or part Asian but something tells me that she can play a part in a sizzling hot Cos Play and I could (and I bet you would too) fantasize about her once you get to see her tender breasts and tight ass. Sure, you think I’m just saying this but we got the pictures right here on My Alternative GF to prove that this hottie will show us more than pretty naughty costumes. I’ve picked this set and featured it today because this slutty girl got my 101% attention, that both my heads (above and under) throbbed so bad, my entire body could explode. See, I got a thing for sexy chicks who not just play with themselves but play with their makeups as well to make them look a lot more fucking appealing and hot. And each time you visit, these are just the exact kind of bitches that you will get. We got various punk chicks who’d get this playful and will do anything to tease you. But since we only accept photos of girls who can pass our hot meters and our drooling shafts, you need not expect each and every one of chick here to sport heavy makeup. I mean, let’s face it, they only want all those junk on their pretty faces to “upgrade” their looks – age-wise. It works sometimes though we know for a fact just how young they are (at least young than us). This emo sexy babe’s selfpics are a perfect example of someone who likes to pretend to be a number of personalities and really look great in them. Damn, that’s hot. Wanna see more? Just click here.

Scene babe sucks cock and gets cum facial

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

punk chick gives head on her knees

cocksucking scene babe swallows cum

It’s not new to us to watch videos of goth chicks doing kinky things but we must admit that each video gives us a different kind of high each time. Maybe it’s got something to do with the variety of sizzling girlfriends that we feature here on or it’s because we’re simply horny creatures that jack off to anything that moves with breasts and a cunt attached to it. Or maybe, just maybe, it is both. Well, either way (or both ways), this punk chick is hot and horny and obviously too hungry that she could eat her boyfriend’s dick in a single gulp. She sucks the woody like she would a melting a popsicle. Yes, she made this one drip too and instead of just licking it off clean, she played with the cum and “washed” her pretty face with it. And, of course, she wouldn’t miss it for the world — she swallowed the remaining drops of jizz and actually asked for more. Whoa. They said that this hot blowjob scene didn’t end here. These punk teens did a lot more than just suck each other up and not just in a single place. They tend to explore more and, yeah, give us more than this. Good news, eh? They already got some horny friends who submitted their videos here and to watch them all, you just have to visit My Alternative GF and enjoy the rest of our wild and hot scene chicks collection.