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Punk chick displays her big tits

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

punk chick in her punk shirt naughty babe being a tease

sexy bombshell shows off her huge titties hot punk bitch exposing her nice breasts

You’re back for another steamy episode here on My Alternative GF, eh? Let me start off by saying that you will, as usual, fucking love what we’re about to show you. This new punk chick made this hot photo compilation of herself, showing off her big breasts. Well, not all of the pictures will show entirely her pair of juicy racks but we assure you that every single piece of her photo will do you good. I don’t always ask for names since I almost always tend to forget them the second time I get to meet a particular chick. But since this one casually gave out hers, I now feel like I’m somewhat bound to keep a fucked up secret. Some secret that I’d have to remember in case of emergency. I don’t think I’ll have a tough time remembering her name coz she aptly calls herself “Punky B” (definitely not Punky Brewster) — for a punk chick with large boobs. Yeah, not hard to recall, just make sure you view these pictures to remember that she’s (or tries to be) punk and she owns a pair of huge breasts. To complete the package, she actually wore this black shirt, which I think I may have seen one of my frat men wore in a stupid concert some months ago. So, yeah, I think this chick knows a bit on how to become one of ’em punks after all. She’s often caught browsing through then doing other things that will cause shafts to explode. Check out her pictures here so you’d have a better idea as to how she’d look like while enjoying quality cyber time.

Emo webcam bitch shows her nice ass and boobies

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

amateur scene chick shows off her tight buns

naughty emo babe squeezing her perky boobies

Another day here at My Alternative GF and you’re about to watch a new steamy video of a kinky emo chick who’s fortunate to have assets that are sure to keep her in one of our hot slots as often as . Girlfriends like her, who has nice firm butt and a pair of fuckable tits, will not find it hard to expose herself and make all of us horny. The fact that she already is a hottie and is so willing to do things, naughty things, to please us all (or everyone who visits, for that matter), she doesn’t have to try hard to get my attention. Having said that, the next time she submits one of her hot videos, I will be placing her in my priority list. No kidding. I actually met her one time, got introduced, but that was just for a quick moment. I mean, she doesn’t really care much about the people who she randomly meet unless they’re the type who could give her the limelight — yes, like myself. Oh, you may be guessing what happened next when she actually knew that I’m the horny guy behind this fucking awesome site, eh? Well, let’s just say there have been some major arrangements. She apologized (and then some) See this video? She is undeniably hot, squeezing her tits like that and teasing us by showing her ass, which I’d have the pleasure of slapping real soon. I will be experiencing a lot more than this and I’m happy to say that having a mistaken identity sometimes has its neato perks. Meet her now and watch the full video here.

Naked blonde scene GF

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

blonde babe displays her perky breasts camwhoring emo babe

hot scene chick shows off her lips piercing kinky naked GF and her sexy ass

A new treat for all you My Alternative GF fans out there. This is a picture compilation of a steamy blonde who didn’t just go naked and showed her nice tits but showed her liking for being a scene chick as well. She’s new to this that’s why there’s not much of the transformation but she said she’ll be reinventing herself for the next collections that she plans on submitting to us once she gets the hang of this. It’s pretty cool that even with the lack of experience and exposure to the scene world, she still had the guts to hope that her photos will eventually get posted here in just one try. And look at what we have here now, huh? I actually got a hold of her pictures and chose them for today’s hot feature. I say she’s got what it takes to get all your attention. Though she could’ve been a bit more “credible” by visiting often, I think she would’ve came up with pictures that look like she’s born to be one of ’em emo bitches. I’m not saying that this is a poor imitation of the real thing (well, if there’s such thing), but I’ve already suggested that she visit us as often as she can so she can browse through pages and pages of all these hotties and learn a few tricks, which can help her achieve her desired look for her future photo shoots. Check out this curvy blonde‘s gallery here and enjoy her nice tits and ass plus her sexy lips piercing.

Naked emo babe fingers her cunt

Monday, May 10th, 2010

naked emo hottie

horny emo chick fucks her cunt on a hair

My Alternative GF is back with a steamy and sweet vengeance and I have a new video to prove that. Remember those chicks we chat with over the webcam? Those same bitchy emo girls we so love to watch as they play with themselves and tease us? Well, if you’ve answered yes to my questions and you’re expecting what I think you’re expecting, then you’ll be pleased to know what I have for you today. This video of a naughty girlfriend will leave you holding on to that roll of tissue and hoping that you won’t cause a huge mess inside your kid brother’s playroom. Yeah, how appropriate – a play room. I’ll just pretend that I didn’t imagine you taking your bitches in that poor innocent room and banging them ‘til they cum on your bro’s bed sheets and ruin his divine pillows. Tsk. But I guess that’s where your brother’s heading (soon enough) and this will be his little Sex Education 101 from his precious perverted big brother. One more thing, I will pretend I didn’t imagine him saying that you were his role model. Ha! Anyway, if you’ve been visiting for a long time now, you would’ve noticed that this chick’s new on the block and you’ve seen her nowhere else but here. She checks on this site often and plans on giving us more than this, which is a very good reason why you must keep on coming back. If you’re a fan of masturbating hot and horny chicks (who isn’t?!) plus chicks who call themselves emo or goth or punk or scene, then you must be crazy to not bookmark us now. Click here to do just that. Enjoy.

Emo chick with huge tits camwhoring

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

emo hottie camwhoring kinky naked chick with facial piercings

busty emo girlfriend selfshoots on her bed sexy naked babe shows off her big boobies

What more perfect way to expose yourselves when you got the looks of an scene chick or a goth type is to become a certified selfshooter, take tons and tons of photos of yourself, in whatever naughty way you want, and post them all here at You really don’t want to waste your sultry good looks and effort so this is the best suggestion that you’ll get from someone who appreciates everything that happens between a horny naked chick and her camera. Sounds good, eh? Well, as you can see here, this hottie’s obviously so into her naughty little hobby — getting a do with a sickening pink color, sporting a number of piercings, and going naked to show off her large racks. Now this is what I call optimization, a full blast way to please yourself and tease everybody else who may happen to come across My Alternative GF and see this steamy edition. Ok, I just got to take a breather right there. I am pro huge breasts and nice tight ass that’s why I am proud to say that I was a little biased choosing this babe over the other countless hopefuls (who, by the way, will be featured very soon) so I guess I’m still fair when it comes to giving all our hot scene girlfriends and punk rocker chicks their piece of heaven here. I’ve seen a fucking lot of hot pictures and they instantly became my dick’s best friends. So if you feel lonely and need some safe and harmless company, jump right in and let’s make a happy messy little world inside the confines of our comfy bedrooms (or wherever you prefer). Damn, I so wanted to fuck those tits right now.