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Scene girlfriend masturbates with a hairbrush

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

naked emo chick masturbates on a bath tub

horny emo GF enjoys fucking her cunt with a hairbrush

It’s another steamy day here on My Alternative GF and I got a perfect video for all of you. You know that there are a lot of chicks who find it fucking fun masturbating with their hairbrushes. I wonder how these would smell like after they pour their cum on it… hmmm. I doubt that they wash it off. Maybe it’ll serve as some form of aphrodisiac and all they got to do is take a little sniff and off they go drilling their tight cunts, lost in oblivion. Quite practical since they don’t have to go through any hassle of purchasing vibrators through any of those online shops where people can publicly view how horny they are. It’s simply sparing themselves both the hassle and shame, in case some relative of theirs would caught them red handed. And that would make you wonder why the hell they’re on the same page as yours, eh? So, anyway, this wild scene bitch will show you why it’s become some kind of a crazy fad (or not) plus she’s on a special spot in her bathroom, exposing her naked self while filming the entire kinky event. I think I’ve seen this emo cutie before but it’s another video that has been given to us. I was kinda hoping to see her face to face and watch her do her thing in person so I could give her the full attention that she deserves. will be giving you more and you just need to keep checking back. Watch the video here and go gaga over this wild emo hotness.

Cocksucking emo girlfriends

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

shy scene babe on her first time to give a BJ kinky emo chick licks a hard pierced shaft

tattooed emo GF teasing a throbbing hard cock emo hottie licks and sucks big dick

I got a little fucked up granting my perverted friends’ wishes through My Alternative GF but I think am getting used to those constant whines of me choosing what they want to appear here. But, hey, am not really complaining… yeah, not at all. We got a large amount of photos here and I’ll be damned swimming in them by myself. I could use a couple of synchronized maniacs to power up my skills in getting all these emo chicks from underneath and show you all how much of a cocksucking bitch that they are. I, together with my ever supportive army of kinky friends, compiled this sizzling set of pictures for you to enjoy. Some of them are actually an avid visitor and fan of us and they don’t miss a day without clicking on so they could get some pointers, which they eventually use to enhance more their sultry skills. I don’t even have to point out what skills they have coz you can see them clearly in these pictures. These emo girls are fierce. They could lick and suck on your big boners without hesitation and even ask you to put it inside them when you, yes you, are up for it. Damn. I won’t say no to these hotties. They made me jack off in front of my terrier and he went nuts. He thought I was giving him a treat, some treat only my bitches would enjoy. Oh, by that I mean, human bitches. Click here to view all of them naughty emo chicks.

Sexy emo chick strips in her bedroom

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

amateur emo cutie in her bedroom

hot emo babe doing a striptease on her bed

You’re back in another steamy episode here on My Alternative GF and you’re in for a naughty chick today who happens to enjoy strip dancing so much that it already became her hot hobby. And what’s a naughty hobby if she won’t be filming herself doing her dirty deeds and sharing these to all of us who do nothing but wait and jerk off? This featured girlfriend is a horny teen who would do anything to please anyone and that’s precisely what we all wanted.

At first glance at this chick, you wouldn’t really imagine how she could fair up with the rest of the sexy and wild creatures out there, much more watch her do things that could cause your woody to self destruct. But once this sex kitten struts her stuff while doing her sexy moves, there’s no denying how much more she could do. She may be an amateur babe but we all know that we’d find it much easier to teach someone like her and I know (based from what she showed us) that she’s willing to take the courses anytime. She’s an avid fan of since her equally sexy and horny friends often visit us here to get some ideas on how they’d come up with their own kinky videos. This is not an entirely new scenario but the way she exposed herself is new to her and she enjoyed it. Click here to watch how this emo bitch made it to the top of my priority list.

Hot scene chick selfpics

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

camwhoring naked emo chick busty emo babe selfshoots on her bed

scene chick shows her emo tat emo girl plays with her pussy

Welcome back to another sizzling episode here on My Alternative GF. I did my little assignment and I’m proud to announce that I will get an A+ with what I have to show you today. These are photos of a hot emo chick and she’s all for making all of you horny. With this type of a girl, guys will definitely go wild by just feasting on her looks alone. But since we don’t just give you that and we give our fans what they deserve (which is like everything) I make sure that we do go all the way with regards to exposing every bits and pieces of the girlfriends that we feature here. We don’t have a tough time doing that coz these sluts are more than willing to show their naughty selves to the entire perverted universe.

This chick is no different than the rest but because she’s the complete package, that makes her stand out in a room full of other naked hopefuls. This emo GF is, without a doubt, gorgeous in all aspects. It’s cool that even if she doesn’t sport heavy makeup, she’s a natural at looking like one of ’em emo bitches. I mean, when you stare at those eyes, it’s like she’s begging for you to take her and do whatever you want with her. And in these pictures, she teases us more by going naked and making all these poses that will expose her assets to their fullest. Her nice pair of breasts and well-toned body invite more of you to visit every chance you got. I can’t wait to get hold of those tits and dump my cum on that sweet and pretty face.