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Emo slut in a hardcore doggystyle fucking

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

horny girlfriend gets banged doggy style

scene babe playing with herself on the bed

It’s always refreshing to watch chicks who are so into sex that they can’t keep themselves off their boyfriends’ bush whenever they meet up and fuck each other up. Like this My Alternative GF video I found, with this emo babe who’s not just up for anything hardcore, she’s also extremely hot. Well, in the world of emos or punks and goths, her features get me so much that I am so ready to worship her and do anything that she wants (provided that it’s all going to be for pure pleasure and entertainment). This is not her first video and I’m pretty sure that she will be excited to show us the rest of her collection once you visit her here and watch the entire clip. There shouldn’t be a single sane dude who will pass up the chance to watch this hardcore doggy style fucking. I actually called in sick a bunch of times just so I can spend some quality time with myself as I jack off to this sizzling wild creature. The more I watch get her ass fucked this hard, the more I get emotionally drained from wanting her so bad. Though I think it’s quite possible that I could get a hold of this horny chick, visiting her in is the closest I can be to banging her too deep, she would beg me for mercy to stop. This emo couple won’t disappoint anyone who’d take a peek at what they do (most of the time). Check them out now and enjoy the hot and rough ride.

Busty punk teen fingering her pussy

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

busty naked teen teasing her webcam viewers

horny punk chick masturbating on a chair

Welcome back to another steamy My Alternative GF episode. If you haven’t gotten used to the drill yet, today is video day and it always come after our picture set posts. We do this to balance the level of entertainment and of course I want you to get the most out from your constant visits in The goal is simple, to keep your hormones flowing in all directions possible. Based from the comments I got from my loyal followers, we’ve been doing great with this so far. So, you came here to watch chicks who call themselves emos and that’s what you’re going to get, naturally. This video won majority of the votes (I got a knack for doing polls since I need to choose from tons of clips that I must post ASAP) and this hot girl will be thanking me and the crew later, in kind (I hope).

Ok, so here goes her little story: this punk chick just called it quits with her boyfriend. She isn’t really used to the idea that she will be having dull moments alone in her room that’s why she decided to help herself move on through her own kinky ways. And, yeah, what a glorious path she chose, eh? Now she shares with us her hot video doing her new hobby. She filmed herself naked on a chair, sporting her punk look, while exposing her nice perky tits and playing with her tight twat. No one can resist such horny bait and we all wanted to catch one like her one way or another. But that’s the cool part when you visit us here coz we always have fresh new snacks, up for grabs!

Hot emo girlfriends

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

busty blonde cutie camwhoring emo chick and her nice pierced lips

selfshooting blonde emo girlfriend hot and naughty camwhoring punk babe

My Alternative GF just came out with a big bang and, as promised, we’ll be giving you more and more of these steamy in the next episodes to come. Today, I’ve collected these photos of scene chicks who’ll be your loyal hostesses and they’re ready to give you the pleasure that you seek. Most of the babes we have here are sexy and kinky blondes but what they all have in common is the fact that they all love getting their pictures taken, with or without clothes on and of course they are into this emo slash punk slash goth mode where they appear to look, almost always, the same. Well, it depends on which category they fall under but, nonetheless, when they put on those dark (for goths) and colorful (usually for scene chicks and punks) makeup on, then they dress up like dolls you’ll find where Freddy Krueger keeps his captives, we have a tough time telling them apart.

Girls like browsing through pages here in and they get inspired (yes, that’s the actual term used by one of our avid fans) into molding themselves in becoming one of the hot and wild chicks here. Don’t act surprised if you’ll find one of your friends here soon. This is some craze that’s biting every girl’s neck and turning them into one of the sexiest little monsters alive. They’re undeniably sexy and pretty and they have this character that they can only execute without exerting too much effort. Look at these photos and you can immediately feel what they want from you. Unfortunately, you’d have to work on your wild imagination to bring these hot pictures to life so you could have one hell of a jacking off spree. Click here and enjoy the rest of the scene chick collections.