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Blonde emo chick in her hot striptease

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

blonde emo cutie being a tease

hot and kinky babe gets naked on cam

More often than not, when we browse through piles and piles of videos submitted here in My Alternative GF, we would almost always find babes who wear makeup emo style. A lot of them would write stuff on mirrors, paper, or walls and display their messages (of desperation or grief mostly) — some actually write on their skin for that I’m-a-freakass-chick-and-weird-beyond-comprehension effect. I’m not sure what goes through the minds of these scene chicks but whatever it is, they make a pretty good outcome and it never fails to make it on top of my favorites. Why do you think I chose this kinky striptease video of this hot cutie, eh? Because that’s how good my taste is and bringing this to you gives me twice the pleasure coz I know how much you’ll enjoy visiting after this. Well, not that am not too confident with my previous posts, it’s just a simple way of saying that the party just started.

We featured this blonde emo cutie coz she knows her thing and knows well how she’d work it on cam. She might need to grow more on her tits, and some more curves around her pelvic area then she’ll find her videos in every household where dudes of all shapes and sizes will jack off to her sexy moves and grooves. Of course it’s not just the striptease that we’re after but her good looks and skills go hand in hand and that’s what makes her a hot tempting fuck. Watch her here to maximize your full potential as our avid fan. Enjoy!

Selfshooting sexy groupies

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

busty emo babe camwhoring punk chick topless infront of the mirror

kinky girl gets vain with her cam emo hottie displays her sexy curves

Self-shooters will never go out of style and this is me making that pact. Add to this fact is the undeniable truth that naughty chicks will multiply like gremlins in a pool and there’s no way you can stop them from growing. My Alternative GF wasn’t spared from this uncontrollable fad and this is the only reason why you will definitely be seeing a lot more of vanity shots good for an entire lifetime. Don’t get me wrong, there isn’t a pinch of sarcasm in there, it’s just some kind of a precaution coz you might find yourself panting, struggling to keep up. Like I said, this is only the beginning and you will soon be jacking off to a number of pictures of girls — more than you can imagine, more than you can handle.

I know we all wanted to be a part of an orgy, one way or the other, but, trust me, if you are to join this specific wild and hot crowd, you’ll be guilty of like throwing yourself into a pot of brewing stew. I know these photos of punk girls are sexy and way too hot but you just got to take them one at a time. Since you already know what to do when you visit, and that’s to get your senses going for hours with that happy willy throbbing in your hands, don’t get too excited if I were to say that there are, indeed, a lot more coming. Ok, who just fainted over there?! Seriously, dude, get a hold of yourself. Feast on these right now and test your strength coz you’ll be facing double or triple the excitement in the next episodes.

Hot amateur emo teens fucking

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

sexy emo babe rides a hard cock

horny GF gets fucked from behind

I honestly can’t say that I’ve fantasized about fucking a chick who’s in this kind of “state”. I mean, someone who’s all dressed up like she’s going to some costume party is not really one of my fetishes (uhm, yeah, I do have a number of fetishes and I think the list grows by the day). This is the effect of having My Alternative GF as your all year round supplier of anything eccentrically hot. Why did I just say this? It’s because I think I’ve been converted into liking such kind of emo beauty that made me put another item in my list. Who wouldn’t get horny watching this kind of a video? I know I get too horny and this is not the first time that I watched couples (maybe from a different planet) fuck so wild. Plus the fact that these two really look so fucking hot together and they obviously enjoy the rough ride.

It just bothers me a little that this emo slash punk chick wouldn’t move much, for fear that she’d mess her do. Oh, well, either way, I still think that this and the next videos to come will grow on me. Besides, I’m the one responsible for making you all horny by posting our wild and hot scene chicks. This is one great start to pile up my energy and get used to the new hobby that I’m about to have. I’m into so many kinds of hormone-driven girls and this one’s no exemption. will be showing you more of these and clicking this link will be your first step to a bunch more to entertain yourselves with.

Collection of punk and emo babes

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

busty emo babe in her black bra hot punk chick in her tangerine bikini

emo selfshooting GF lovely emo honey with huge breasts

Because I keep my word, My Alternative GF now gives you another set of steamy pictures of emo and punk girlfriends who spend their quality time grooming themselves, making a very hot first impression, and sticking to what they are made to do — tease and get cummed on. Well, whether or not they’re alts, every single chick who knows how to work her way around the bed or floor or wherever she wanted to release her naughtiness, could get all our undivided attention. Then again, these tempting kittens own something more than those typical kinky chicks you see on photos from all over the world wild web. These hotties are hotter, and I’m pretty sure of that. You think you can only see these types of girls on animated series? We wouldn’t have those if it weren’t for the real life cuties, which most likely gave much of the inspiration.

With their nice built and firm round tits — plus their expertise in putting all those drama of colors (or not) on their pretty faces, it’s an entire package that you shouldn’t miss. Some of them admitted that they can relate to the way they chose to look coz of what they really feel (yes, all those bull when you’re a teen) but mostly (thank goodness) happily said that this is just for pure fun. Yeah, and that’s how it should be, eh? is not really scary at all. You can’t see that in these pictures, right? All we give you are hot and real girls who you can actually touch and bang (if you got the means to). So visit all of them here and enjoy!

Rocker chick gives hot head

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

naked rocker babe sucks on a woody

horny babe sucks and plays with a hard cock

Since we started with a set of hot pictures with hot girls in them, My Alternative GF will now lure you into its abode of even hotter babes who will show what they can do, moving style. Yes, we do jerk off to stills and they never fail to give us the pleasure we need. Videos do the same but because they’re like these pieces of clips from movies where we all wanted to be a part of, hearing them moan and watching them fuck each other up like there’s no tomorrow, gives us that extra horny drive that we can play back over and over — as much as we need to. Today, we have this naughty rocker chick who will shake your boring world with her blowjob skills. Of course, she knows how to use her gifts that’s why we featured her. She’s not in this to just dress up and play doll, she wanted to expose herself as the wild cat we unleashed from this bag like some glory hole on a wall. And this is exactly what she did and submitted here on Just right after their band practice, they headed to this flat to grind and unwind.

The screens don’t lie. You can actually see how they prepared for this and they came up with one hell of a hot video. With this chick’s mouth full of this dude’s cock, licking and sucking with all her energy, nothing can possibly go wrong. Watch her satisfy your cravings here and get ready for more action from all these wild and horny punk princesses.

Emo girlfriends display their perky tits

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

naked babe shouts out using her perky tits camwhoring topless emo chick

emo GF shows off her round firm breasts punk girl camwhores in her room

Welcome to the opening of a new and exciting world that will bring you a whole breed of steamy toys. Nice photos of “toys”, which we could aptly call dolls for the simple reason that they do look like one and they appeal to all age group, and any sex there is. Contrary to what it may sound like, these chicks don’t really go doing stupid things to themselves that will end up 6-feet under, they just dress up and love to look like they’re in for a trip to some catwalk heaven or something to that effect. See, if you still don’t understand, the girls here in My Alternative GF look almost always like they’ve been to a comic convention. They like to pretend being some kind of a sweet and sexy character from their favorite anime show or any other type of film for that matter, that will bring out the punk side of theirs. And of course, we make sure that they pass our standards that will, in turn, give them their worthy spotlights.

So, to start the ball rolling, I present to you this first batch of the hottest emo babes that are sure to grace‘s pages for the next issues to come. We know how you love to see nice boobies (who doesn’t?) that’s why we merged that classic fantasy with this hot edition. Giving you another good reason why you should stay up late and not waste time caring for pixelated pets and adopt lost animals in whatever game application you have in your social networking blabs. Sounds pathetic, I know, so you better head here instead and check on our resident little devils. Pictures of pretty naughty demons who will keep on summoning you back.